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UDN has served more than ten thousand brands around the world

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UDN has served more than ten thousand brands worldwide. Most of these brands are well-known around the world and include the likes of P&G, L'Oréal and MUJI.

As a tube specialist, through professionalism and passion, we aim to assist our customers to create products that make customers love at first sight.

Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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UDN's Soft Tip Lip Stick Tube: Apply, Spread and Scrape Away Excess

Meet the Soft Tip Lip Stick Tube that uses a beveled scraper-style applicator that offers multiple benefits for consumers. The soft flexible applicator is soft to the touch, pleasantly gliding across the skin.  The thin concave shape of the applicator head has been designed to fit the natural shape of the lip but can also work as a multi-tool that can scrape away excess makeup or spread lotion across the skin for a spa-like feeling.

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