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UDN Bio-Resin Tubes Launched

  • UDN Packaging Corporation
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UDN are excited to announce the Bio-Resin Tube launch! 

UDN play a significant role in the tube packaging industry and recognize the importance of acting sustainably. One of UDN´s many initiatives to keep becoming greener is the exciting new Bio-Resin Tube range.

Bio-based materials are mostly made of carbohydrate-rich plant matter such as corn, and UDN's Bio-Resin Tube uses sugarcane to produce the PE tubes with a more transparent body. It is not only the tube that can be produced from Bio-Resin, but UDN is also capable of applying this material to the caps as well. 

Contact UDN for more information.
MOQ 10,000pcs. 

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  • Modified 30 Jun 2022
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