Starry Tube

UDN continues to innovate by developing new skin care and cosmetic packaging. Their catalogue contains a variety of state-of–art, high quality and environmentally friendly tube packaging solutions.

One of UDN's latest products is the unique starry tube. Consumers will love the star shape cutout on its soft rubber head.

Made of flexible plastic and cushioned rubber, the starry tube feels soft on the skin and creates a wonderful skin care experience.

Use the starry tube to give your hair removal, neck & body care, and facial massage products that extra touch.

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Double-End Tube

With UDN's double end tube, cosmetic brands can now offer consumers two products in one plastic tube solution.

This packaging solution includes two 16mm tubes meeting at one sleek connector for a beautiful and unique cosmetic tube.

Instead of convincing consumers to purchase two products that go together, like a primer and a liquid eyeshadow or a lip color and a lip gloss, package them together to make the buying process easy.

Mix and match your products easily by choosing from 3 different head styles, roller ball, slant tip and ophthalmic. With a total of 6 combinations to choose from, UDN's double-end tube opens up your cosmetic solutions options.

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