Sustainable Business

  • Vision: Unique Design Makes Life New
  • Core Value: Innovation, Commitment, Service, Sustainability.
  • Purpose: To make our unique design speak your language with eco-friendly concept is our commitment to our customers.
  • Mission: UDN Packaging Corporation dedicated to provide safe, innovative and good quality packaging for beauty brands and thus enhance the consumer’s brand experience.


Unique Design

UDN owns the most patents, which are 73, among the private owned tube manufacturers. We have developed 215 types of head style and 350 types of cap through these patents.

Innovation is our DNA and is our driving force for our future. UDN continuously develops 2 or more new products every year so our customers can choose from our abundant portfolio and position their products in the market easily.


Speak your language

First impression is important and packaging is the first-hand information that consumers will get from the products and even the brands. UDN aims to be the bridge between brands and consumers to show brands’ personality to their target audience through appearance and decoration. We customize tube packaging solution to fit brands’ need and make the product be the spokesperson on the shelves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Go Green, Think Green

UDN continuously develops eco-friendly tube packaging solution since consumers increasingly consider environmental aspects in their purchasing decisions. Based on our lean thinking, we reduce 15% material consumption, decrease 40% production procedure and reduce 30% carbon foot print through the product design and production process. For example, we have One-piece tube, Brush tube with special valve design, Spatula tube with less component design and so on.

UDN’s unique production process is extrusion, printing and then heading. Compared to conventional process, our process is more efficient and generate less waste. It allows to print over shoulder and makes it easier to align head with artwork. By using UV Ink and UV Varnish, the solvent emission is reduced and thus the pollution is reduced. The work environment is also better for workers.


Commitment to our Customers

UDN deliver what we promise through our products.

All of our products will take at least 5 inspections during the production and do the electrostatic dust precipitation before delivery to make sure the quality. Our staff follow the strict rule from the outfit to every disinfection procedure which includes air shower tunnel, hand disinfection and so on to guarantee the cleanness of the production area.

We practice our promise from day-to day operations and aim to provide an outstanding quality of service to meet all of our customers’ satisfaction.

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