UDN Focuses on Protecting the Environment and Providing Eco-friendly Products

  • UDN Packaging Corporation

UDN remembers We only have one Earth as it continues making strides in its green movement.

Motivated by environmental protection and user-friendly philosophy, UDN never stops its steps to upgrade its technology and provide sustainable products.

Successful sustainable products developments include:

  • The Bio-Resin Tubes- tubes mastered in sugarcane bio-based materials.
  • Light-weight one-piece PCR Tubes 
  • UDN 3rd generation one-piece tube (D35-OPV4)- 63% lighter than a normal tube 
  • UDN 5th Generation One-Piece Tube- Reduces Plastic Usage by 55%
  • Use of HPDE ocean plastic for tubes- Material1 Ocean Bound Plastic and material 2 OceanIX rHDPE 110-001 (abandoned fish nets)

UDN continues to work on its sustainable goals with more advancements to come. 

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