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UDN Packaging defines success in the modern cosmetic tube packaging market

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UDN Packaging Corporation has been redefining the model of a successful cosmetic packaging manufacturer. Since the company began in 2003, it has stayed close to its roots by producing high quality tube packaging that is eco-friendly that offers practical simplicity to the consumer. Some of the world's largest brands include UDN as their cosmetic tube packaging supplier, and over 95% of the company's products can be seen worldwide. Hubert Wang, Sales & Marketing Director, explains how the company has achieved its success.

"All you need are tubes!" What makes UDN's tubes so special?

UDN offers custom tube packaging solutions alongside its innovative tubes. We develop several projects with our customers as a partner. We forge good relationship by having thorough launch plan and solving problems for our customers.

Our main focus is to combine simplicity with an eco-friendly approach when designing and manufacturing tubes. The company uses the latest technology to create revolutionary new tube products that benefit the cosmetic industry in line with consumer requirements.

We are at the forefront of innovation in tubes for beauty products, and that is our mantra.

Does that mean that UDN is an original design manufacturer (ODM)?

Correct. UDN Packaging was established in 2003 by Mr Benjamin Wang with the clear target of becoming the premium ODM packaging supplier in Asia, to realize his ideas of new, original designs. So, he set up UDN Packaging as an ODM and since then the company has firmly established its place in the global market. Proving this, UDN's original packaging products are popular with some of the most renowned beauty brands and can be seen used for beauty, cosmetic and toiletry products in countries all around the world.

As an original design manufacturer, UDN holds many product design patents and is driven by new ideas and possibilities. The company innovates by simplifying and so solving any problems the consumer can incur. In addition, UDN Packaging's simple tube solutions are proven to be more environmentally friendly solutions.

It's important to be actively environmentally responsible, so the company produces tubes in PE, EVOH and PP as they offer excellent capacity for recycling. Ten years ago, PCR tubes were incorporated into the company's offering as well. 

Our goal as a tube manufacturer is to create packaging that benefits both brands and consumers, offering a bridge between them with a language for both sides to communicate. We follow four principals to ensure that our tube products are always up-to-date and advanced in the market place:

  • Create unique designs
  • Provide a communication bridge between brands and consumers
  • Commitment to providing the best quality possible
  • Co-exist with humanity and the environment by developing eco-friendly solutions

Can you give some examples of how UDN's products are innovative and environmentally friendly at the same time?

One of the best examples of innovative, environmentally friendly packaging is UDN's one-piece-tube. Other tubes are, in the most part, a flip top screw cap that is fitted onto a tube. UDN's one-piece-tube is a single component so that it is far easier for the consumer to recycle the packaging upon depletion of the product. In production, both time and energy are saved as the assembly process is effectively removed, meaning that energy consumption is considerably reduced, and this is a massive benefit to the environment.

Another example is UDN's Brush Tube. This was designed with the consumer in mind and to make things simple yet convenient. Most cosmetic packaging requires an additional applicator or tool for the user to apply the cosmetic or make-up. The Brush Tube has simplified the components by attaching a brush directly to the tube. It's inseparable and covered for protection, benefiting the consumer as it cannot be lost or forgotten as it is part of the packaging product. There is a cover to protect it and therefore hygiene considerations are tripled as the same brush is not contaminated through use with other products, nor is it loose in a make-up bag without protection, plus it is used for a timely period - until depletion of the product - so that the consumer is not transferring old bacterium to the skin. Furthermore, because the Brush Tube has no metal spring, it is a further guarantee from metal contamination. Through its well-thought-out simplicity, the Brush Tube is an ideal cosmetic packaging product.

A simple packaging design also makes it is easier for the consumer to recycle the pack after use. Our major market is Europe and within Europe legislation requires that packaging be recyclable. The company complies with these international laws as all UDN tubes are recyclable.

How often does UDN launch new packaging concepts?

The complete development cycle, including exploring concepts, prototyping, function testing and quality confirmation takes UDN about one year, and there are always several products at different stages in the cycle at any one time.

Recently UDN adopted 3D-printing for the initial creation of products, and then tests can be done on the printed objects to determine how well they function and how advantageous they would be for the consumer. Following these tests, it can then be decided how to produce a product. This new system has enabled the company to reduce the development process time by about 40% which is a phenomenal advantage. It also provides a hands-on way to get a proper sense for a product from both the manufacturing side as well as in the hands of the consumer, before it goes into production.

UDN has seen continuous growth since the company began. In 2016 we moved our facility to a new location to increase capacity and install more advanced equipment. In August, we will have our second facility in operation. The 2016 expansion expanded production by a further 50% through more production lines. With the newest facility we will have an annual production of over 120 million tubes.

With such high production quantities, a reduction in development time is essential to meet market demands. Similarly to other industries, the cosmetic packaging industry has been embracing the concept of personalization. The new plant will incorporate rapid changeover production equipment in its operation so that the company can keep pace with market demand, without losing any quality in product production.

What packaging concept(s) will UDN launch next?

We are very active in packaging development at the moment and have recently launched the 10mm Tube. This is a fairly novel product because there are very few packaging manufacturers with the capability to produce a tube with such a small diameter. The 10mm Tube is perfect for precision dosage or specific treatment as required for many cosmeceutical products, as well as promotional cosmetic samples.

UDN's next packaging launch will officially take place at Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong in November. Cosmoprof Asia is an important event in the Asian packaging calendar, as too is Luxe Pack Shanghai. The company launches new packaging on a regular basis and coincides many launches with these important events. The UDN one-piece-tube was nominated for a Green Award at Luxe Pack Shanghai in 2016, and the UDN Self Heating / Cooling Tube was nominated as one of the best innovative primary packaging designs at the Cosmoprof Asia Innovation Circle Awards 2016.

A packaging focus that will be seen soon is a laminated tube that is decorated through flexo-printing to benefit from rich, vibrant and vivid color. We are working on achieving full tube decoration for laminated tubes and we are also focusing on digital printing applications for tube packaging. These techniques are being explored alongside environmental interests so that we can improve industrial production and achieve results without environmentally-hazardous consequences.

In addition to launching tube packaging innovations at packaging events, we also use the opportunity to get inspiration from the market.

Our communication is far more two-way than ever before. We are engaging with our customers through close relationships and that is something that I am actively involved in as Sales and Marketing Director. I work with the team to introduce and launch UDN's tube packaging products - organizing and attending exhibitions, and ensuring that customers are informed of our latest updates and exchanging ideas with them.

We are reaching more people than ever through press releases which we publish on Webpackaging to take advantage of the news update notifications. Our team is also very well managed in the coordination of customer and team communication to ensure that things happen, and that they happen in the right order. Our principal location is in Shenzhen, China, where the company's factory and headquarters are located, but we also have an office in Tainan City, Taiwan, so we ensure that our communications between locations are all effective and accurate. When the new facility is inaugurated in the summer, it will be operational alongside our current premises.

UDN has a High-Tech Enterprise Certificate, as well as numerous packaging awards. Why is this Chinese Government certification important?

The High-Tech Enterprise Certificate was awarded to the company by the China government following many years of hard work. To attain the certification, companies are required to meet specific criteria in product research, innovation and patents. UDN will benefit from corporate incentives having achieved the award, but most importantly it is recognition of how the company has implemented research and development as a fundamental core for future growth as well as achievements in technology.

Many of UDN's packaging product designs are patented and have been adopted by some of the world's most recognized beauty brands, including L'Oréal Paris, Estée Lauder, Revlon, Mary Kay, Victoria's Secret, Shiseido, LVMH, Kao Corporation, Muji and more... By holding a High-Tech Enterprise Certificate along with so many brand endorsements, we can see that the company is clearly moving onward and upward in a competitive market, with its products and core environmental ideals standing out against the competition. It is solid proof that UDN is a creative company driven by new ideas and possibilities.

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