UDN's Roller Ball Tube helps to stimulate and massage the skin

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  • Diameter Options: D13, D16, D19, D22, D30, D35, D40, D50
  • The roller ball design helps to stimulate and massage the skin and thus increases the effectiveness of product.
  • Different material options for the roller ball, such as stainless, plastic, ceramics.
  • Suitable for Eye serum, Blemish & Wrinkle Reducer, Body firming, Muscle pain relief, Leg & Foot relief, etc.

UDN’s latest breakthrough and innovation, seems impossible, yet has been a successful project, is to combine roller ball with packaging tube – a Roller Ball Packaging Tube.

Most of the roll-on packaging components have complicated structure that requires multiple accessories and assembling process to affix together. On the contrary, UDN has figured out a simplified solution to create its roller ball tube packaging featuring well-functioned rolling applicator, and perfectly sealed closure that omits leakage concern.

With precision molding and tooling, UDN calculates how the moldable plastic component holds roller balls tightly and not falling out, and enables users to roll on smoothly during application. By gently rolling the applicator on the skin, users are allowed to enjoy the cool and calming sensation as the roller balls within distribute product evenly.

Via systematic product development as UDN always does, there are several sizes and styles available for Rollerball Tube.

  • Single Roller Ball Tubecan be made in 13 mm, 16 mm, 30 mm, and 35 mm diameter tube. The 13 mm tube is the perfect solution for eye care and lip care.
  • Multiple Roller Ball Tube can be made in 19 mm, 22 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm diameter tube.

Whether for face, eyes, lips, body care or body slim product, UDN provides detailed consults with companies to find out the best solution possible to satisfy specific requirement.

With persistence on strict quality demand, UDN adopts 316L stainless as roller ball material, and does 100% quality check to make sure each piece is sanitized and none of the roller ball applicator rust in consumer’s hands. UDN continuously updates its offering for material option, while the beauty and cosmetic market grows and changes rapidly, there are the luxurious ceramic roller ball and easy-to-use PP roller ball available as well.

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